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Jack has been going to Coach Vic for about 3 years now. We have watched him turn from a kid who could throw the ball hard into a starting Varsity pitcher who has a overpowering fastball and can throw all the other pitches with great accuracy. Coach Vic has also turned him into an all- around player who can play any position and can hit for average and power, and uses the entire field.  Coach Vic's state of the art pitching simulator throws every pitch out there and can do it up to 100 m.p.h.  Teaching Jack all the baseball skills needed to take him as far as he wants to go is an understatement. I count Coach Vic  as one of the top baseball instructors in the Northwest and if you are serious about your game, he's the one you want because he gets everything out of your player.

Paul Coates

I am a big believer in personal training for young boys and girls.  Whether
that training be a math coach or a hitting instructor.  Learning good habits
early will lead to greater success in life.

Coach Vic is a coach resource I can recommend.  Vic has three important
things that I look for in a coach for my son:  1) Makes it fun.  Vic knows
how to inject good spirited fun into a training session.  2)  Experience and
acumen. Vic sees the flaws and knows how to fix them.  3)  Training tools.
Vic's "real world" pitching simulator machine is the best hitting
instruction tool in the state of Oregon.

I am confident my son will make measurable improvement with the help of
Coach Vic.
Russ Martineau

Our now 12-year-old son, Jeremy, who throws and bats left handed, started getting personalized batting instruction from coach Vic last June, just before his 12th birthday, shortly after the beginning of last Year's spring and summer Little League season.
>>>> Last season was Jeremy's seventh consecutive season, including two years of T-Ball, starting at the end of his Kindergarten year. He generally batted first or fourth in the lineup throughout those six previous years.
>>>> Jeremy has always been a good, strong batter, when he did hit the ball, but the farther up the competition Totem Pole he climbed, it seemed like he was striking out more and more; the second half of his sixth season, he seemed to be really down on himself, and was striking out, more often than not, and at times swinging quite wildly- he had really lost all confidence in himself. This actually carried over into the second week of his seventh season.
>>>> Jeremy's Mom found Coach Vic online, after looking for some help for him.
>>>> We scheduled Jeremy for one hour each week with Vic; I sat in Vic's viewing room during many of his one-on-one coaching sessions with Jeremy. He started him over from the basic fundamentals of batting, and week by week, there was markedly noticeable improvement; by mid-season, Jeremy was back batting in the No.1 slot. By season's end, he had over a .500 batting average; in the State 12-year-old playoff tournament, Jeremy went 16 for 17 batting. That's a pretty good weekend at the plate. A .941 average in a four day tourney.
>>>> It was about 3/4 of the way through the season that his mother and I noticed something- this was now a very confident young man. He exuded a confidence that we had never seen before in our son. He KNEW that when he walked up to the plate to start his team out on offense- he would be on base. He stated that to me at the beginning of every game. Both his mother and I looked at each other and realized that we had a son with a newly-found confidence we had never seen before, that immensely helped his team into the state playoffs. His coach and other parents were asking his mother WHAT she was feeding our kid...
>>>> My hat is off to coach Vic for the time, patience and just general highly-gifted coaching skills that turned our son's confidence and batting abilities around 180 degrees- both on and off the diamond. It was noticeable everywhere with our son.
>>>> I would HIGHLY recommend coach Vic to ANYONE's son or daughter, baseball or softball...any age. He has turned our son into one of the most reliable hitters in his age group- he was actually playing in late summer and fall Tournaments with 13 year old players, shortly after his 12th birthday- due to the reliability of his bat- due to coach Vic's mentoring of Jeremy.
>>>> I cannot give this man the full praise and credit he truly deserves for what he has done for Jeremy; Jeremy is still taking hitting lessons from Vic throughout the winter- he looks forward to going into Vic's state-of-the-art facility each and every Friday evening- Vic's equipment is the same as used in Major League Baseball.
>>>> Five stars, two thumbs-up training.
>>>> Coach Vic is the man!
Dan Yelland

Coach Vic,
Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your website.  I signed a contract to play professionally overseas and now am the Head Varsity Baseball coach at Unionville H/S in PA.  I have been a head coach for entering my 13th season (First at UHS)!  There is great information on your site... drills, hitting principles, technique, video, charts, etc...  I think it's great to have such a site for coaches to reference and will be having my Frosh, JV, and Varsity Assts.  take a look.  Hope all is well and best of luck this season.
Coach T.J. Ostrishko (Coach O)
Unionville H/S Baseball





My son has been attending Coach Vic's hitting classes for over a year.  Coach Vic not only cares about teaching the true fundamentals of the game, but he also builds principles of hard work, good attitude, strong team ethnic, and setting long term goals.  He truly has a heart for young people and has helped in building these values in my son. 
Adam Echols

Coach Vic is an amazing Coach, mentor and friend.  Because of his dedication to the kids and his passion for the sport, he has taken our son and transformed his batting skills from average to above average.  I know, without a doubt, that without his training our son wouldn't have made the Federal team this year.  Coach Vic has taught our son valuable batting form and techniques that our son will use for the rest of his life.

Dave Norman

Coach Vic is able to relate very well to players at all levels.  He has the knowledge and life experience to teach players of all ages fundamental skills of baseball that will help them succeed on the playing field and in life.  Most importantly, he constantly reminds these young players that you have to get good grades!

Kimberly Valentine

Our son has always been a pretty powerful hitter, and has been encouraged to hit hard by previous coaches and fans.  At age 8, he was nicknamed “Homerun Hitter” by his coach.  However, he became very frustrated when he couldn’t perform at that level with consistency.  When Coach Vic started working with Jordan, he told him to slow down, focus, and not try to hit it so hard.  In time, with Vic’s coaching, Jordan repeated a mantra before he hit (that Vic taught him) and his accuracy improved.  The power was there all along, he didn’t need to focus on it.  With Coach Vic’s help, Jordan is able to concentrate on fundamentals and enjoy the game.  We love Coach Vic!  

Patrick & Tamara Furst

I would like to say Coach Vic has not only shown my son how to be a better hitter, but how to take a better approach to the game.  He has shown him how patience will prevail over power.  Thanks again for all your support.

Craig Previtera

"We really like the way Coach Vic breaks down the fundamental process of hitting and making the player more aware of where and what his body needs to be doing.

Marie Gordy

Coach Vic,


How extremely fortunate we are to have found you.  With your professional coaching our son Kelly in a very short time has shown amazing improvements in his hitting ability.   We constantly hear from other coaches and player’s parents what a beautiful swing he has and he is always used as an example when coaches want to show other players how to swing and hit the ball.  Under your instruction Kelly has been the most consistent hitter with the best hitting records on last year’s spring and fall teams.   This season we wanted Kelly to have the opportunity to play with a traveling academy team.   With your coaching and support he is now doing just that.    We look forward to watching him continue to develop to his full potential under your care.


Maryanne and Richard Krumm


I just wanted to thank you again for all your help with Mickey through the winter. He has been hitting almost every time he’s at bat and has been playing outstanding in the field. Last night he went 4 for 4. Thanks again for the help and encouragement. Mickey is looking forward to working in the cage again this year to better his hitting ability.

Michael  Soares

Both my son and daughter visit Coach Vic regularly for hitting lessons.  My daughter recently decided to try out for a spot on her high-school softball team.  She has shown incredible improvement in the three months since she has been working with him.  With the additional 500-600 quality swings per week, she was able to hit the ground running when softball tryouts began.

My son has been taking hitting instruction from Coach Vic for some time now.  The lessons are age and playing level appropriate while still allowing him to master the fundamentals.  His confidence level is very high with every at bat, even when behind in the count.  As a parent, it is wonderful to see my son & daughter having fun and being successful in games they genuinely enjoy.

Best Regards,

Randy Akin


Vic was great with my son! Would highly recommend!

Coach Vic is great. My son is having such a good time!
Coach Vic is great and my 9 year old is hitting better. A few of our teammates have gone to Vic too and you can see the difference in all of them !



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